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Salsa dancers doing a turn together


Two salsa dancers looking at each other while they dance


Two dancers grinning and having a great time



to the Northern Beaches home of Latin dance!

We are more than just a dance school. We are a community of dancers that come together to learn, teach and celebrate the beauty of social dancing.


Our mission is to create a safe and inclusive space for everybody to learn, practice and perfect their dancing skills. We offer a variety of social dancing classes & workshops from beginner to advanced and deliver technical instruction in a fun and safe environment. 

We look forward to meeting you soon!

A selfie of a group of smiling dancers from our dance school


We are dedicated to making your dance journey the best it can be! Dance has enhanced our lives in such a wonderful way, that we can’t help but want to pass that on.

Workout Facility

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Our Methods
Beginner dancers doing some fun moved together
Dancers smiling as they do a cross body lead.
Advanced bachata dancers doing an impressive turn
A couple having a lovely slow dance together while looking into each others eyes.


Our courses will take you from beginner to navigating the dance floor with a partner in just 8 weeks. 


The Salsa Society provides boutique Salsa classes in Sydney's Northern Beaches - Brookvale.


Bachata is a romantic style of social dance from the Dominican Republic that has now taken over the world.

Wedding Dance

We've helped hundreds of couples look great on their special day. Friendly and professional teachers. 

Four dancers in a dance class, connecting with each other and smiling

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